Match Maker和合廟埕

Matchmaker Yue Lao’s Temple

桃花廟埕萃取月老的「配對(Matchmaking)」能力並將之廣義延伸,以專業的設計美學觀點闡述「配對(Matchmaking)」的意涵。配對(Matchmaking)可延伸視為一種創造能力:將A、B兩個無相關的事物配對結合成另一個事物,而成就AB圓滿配對者即可稱為AB兩者的媒人(match maker),也就是月老。

For this landmark, Yue Lao is used as the theme to transmit the aesthetic views preached in traditional beliefs.
Yue Lao’s Temple imitates and extends Yue Lao’s matchmaking ability, where professional design aesthetics is utilized to explain the true meaning of “matchmaking.” Matchmaking can be viewed as a creative ability: the ability to bring two unrelated people or things (i.e., A and B) together to form a new entity. A person who successfully matchmakes A and B can be called their matchmaker (or Yue Lao).


Matchmakers can be people working in various industries such as aestheticians, writers, artists, designers, and illustrators. They use their passion and professional knowledge to bring two completely different things together, creating an entity that is perfect and complete. The entity can be a merchandise store, a book, a dance, a design artwork, and an illustration.

此次,Match Maker桃花廟埕邀請各方領域的創造者,以設計美學角度解析這些創作,用簡單的視覺表現分析解構創造者的創作過程,每一位參與展覽的創作者將選擇一個漢字做為其作品的總結。希望藉此展覽整合這片土地上的美好人事物、分享各方創造者的專業與創意、拉近創造者與民眾間的距離,將美好事物或全新的觀看角度傳遞給大眾;經由分析各種創作物,讓漢字之美走入生活;同時,也引領全新視角,突破舊有窠臼,提供大眾另一種思考的新途徑。

Yue Lao’s Temple invites creators from all industries to analyze art creations by using the perspective of design aesthetics and deconstruct art creators’ art creation process by performing a visual expression analysis. All participating art creators will choose a Chinese character to describe their artworks. The goal is to use this exhibition to bring wonderful people and things together, share the art creators’ professionalism and creativity, close the gap between artists and the public, and introduce wonderful people and things or convey different perspectives to the public. By analyzing various artworks, Chinese characters will be able to enter the public’s lives, enabling them to enrich themselves as they think from new perspectives.



兩個八月創意設計有限公司 Biaugust CREATION OFFICE

「兩個八月」由同是八月出生的高雄人—莊瑞豪與盧袗雲主宰,在歷經旅日留學後於2005年創立於台北,初期以平面設計為出發,至今陸續將觸角延伸至品牌建立、產品設計、空間設計及藝術創作,並成立自有品牌「biaugust DECO」與「大好吉日」。堅持將「生命與感動」融入創作,藉由各式各樣的媒介尋求人與生活與設計之間的可能性,在多方的挑戰與歷練之下,對於設計具有獨特的思維與詮釋,作品的呈現不僅具有深度,同時富有廣度。

Both born in August, Owen Chuang and Cloud Lu named their co-founded design company "Biaugust" to declare that their love for design was as passsionate as the August sun. They then began to carry out a wide range of graphic design tasks, and started to participate in all kinds of art-creation activities. "Biaugust" has always insisted on fusing "Life and Emotion" in their creations, and regards this idea as the origin of all their art projects - that is, by blending life into their design work, the design itself will prove capable of touching people more deeply. By exploring any possible connections between the human and design elements through a variety of intermediate materials, "Biaugust" has successfully developed its own unique design style and perspective. Since its establishment, "Biaugust" has received several domestic and international awards, and has participated in numerous art exhibitions in different parts of the world. By exploring a variety of avenues in which to exert their design expertise, "Biaugust" has spread its good name into clothes lines, home decor, interior design, industrial, art creation and other areas.

  • 參展單位A DESIGN & LIFE PROJECT、女兒、時寓、Zzifan_z、鹿森林實踐花廊、形容事物所、大象兔、無關書店、物外設計、郭元益